• Fall Kid Business Ideas

    Fall Business Ideas by Pongee Barnes1. Landscaping- Fall brings piles of leaves in most places. Starting a business to rake and remove leaves, trim hedges, and prepare for winter is a great low-costs business. 2. Pet Sitting- People travel during the fall and holidays and they need trusted care f... View Post
  • Why children should practice delayed gratification?

      Why children should practice delayed gratification?We all know how tempting it can be when kids give you those puppy dog eyes to cave in and just give them whatever they want. The thing is though, without learning about delayed gratification, you might be giving them unwanted gifts – like self ... View Post
  • The Importance of summer reading for KidsSummer reading, specifically for children is a far more important task than most of us realize! During summer, children are removed from school. That means they’re also removed from schedules, structure, and a lot of their creative outlets. By providing th... View Post