Fall Kid Business Ideas

Fall Business Ideas

by Pongee Barnes

1. Landscaping- Fall brings piles of leaves in most places. Starting a business to rake and remove leaves, trim hedges, and prepare for winter is a great low-costs business.

2. Pet Sitting- People travel during the fall and holidays and they need trusted care for their pets, while they're traveling. If your own home is not suitable for offering in-home animal care, you can still offer to care for people's pets in their own homes. Dogs and cats are popular pets but don’t forget about guinea pigs, rabbits, and turtles.

3. Tutoring- Online or in-person tutoring can be lucrative for your “smarty pants” kid! Some students may be struggling with the introduction of new concepts in various subjects.

4. Care Package Business- This is a business that can work year-round but this is perfect for the holidays. The possibilities are endless and can be personalized to show love and care. This is the perfect time of year to start to grow a customer base.

5. Gift wrapping service- This is the perfect business for this time of year. Perfect for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

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