The Importance of summer reading for Kids

Summer reading, specifically for children is a far more important task than most of us realize! During summer, children are removed from school. That means they’re also removed from schedules, structure, and a lot of their creative outlets. By providing them with a list of books to read or a set reading time, you’re giving them structure. With a bit more structure in their days and giving them time away from electronic devices. It will also prevent them from getting bored – and as we all know, boredom invariably leads to children getting into trouble!

Did you know the average CEO reads 60 books a year?!! Getting your child in the habit of reading daily, will give her or him the leadership skills it takes to become a CEO or leader, Readers are Leaders!! 

Reading is also a stimulating activity for their minds! By continuing to read, they’re going to be able to understand that learning is a life-long journey. You might even find that they develop a new interest in wake of reading a particularly good book! And sure, this might be something fantastical, like wizards or dragons, but it could just as easily be business or space – something that develops into a life long passion that might one day change the world.

It also helps your children avoid feeling isolated. This is especially true for children in a rural area during the summer, where they might not be able to visit friends very often due to distance, or children from under privileged families, where attending large activities just isn’t feasible.

A trip to the library can make an incredible day trip! Often, libraries will even offer programs that your child might want to attend, such as craft days or joining an official book club! And even if they are just going for books, consider turning it into a family fun day, where you pack a snack and let your child spend as much time browsing the shelves as you want. It’s a safe and free activity.

If you introduce your children to summer reading when they’re young, they’ll be more likely to continue that habit as they get older, giving them something to do outside of attending parties or getting into trouble. I know that it’s a common and perhaps overused saying – that books can save lives, a good book could shape someone’s future. But the fact of the matter is this: it’s a true one!

So, as the days grow hotter introduce your child to reading daily, check out our website to purchase our collection of books that educate children in a fun and exciting way about money and business. Trust me. Not only is it a decision that you won’t regret, but it’s a decision that your child will thank you for in the future.

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