Why children should practice delayed gratification?


Why children should practice delayed gratification?

We all know how tempting it can be when kids give you those puppy dog eyes to cave in and just give them whatever they want. The thing is though, without learning about delayed gratification, you might be giving them unwanted gifts – like self entitlement, impulsiveness, a false view of how the world works and most importantly robbing them of the ability to practice self control. None of these things are good for you or them. So today we are going to be looking at 5 reasons that delayed gratification is good for children.

They learn the value of money

When you say no to a child and teach them to save up up or just to wait, they come to learn the value of money and more disciplined with managing money. Once they learn the value of money, they are less likely to overspend and get themselves in difficult situations, which brings us to my next point. Teaching delayed gratification with money is a double win because you teach kids how to budget and manage their money in conjunction with delayed gratification.
They’re less likely to get into debt as teens and adults
Once someone knows the value of money they are less likely to be frivolous and do things that will get them into debt. Delayed gratification now, teaches them about the discipline it takes to make good decisions that will impact their future. Example, if they use credit card debit frivolously and are unable to pay it off that will impact your credit and perhaps your ability to purchase real estate in the future.

They don’t expect so are more grateful to receive

Giving your children structure and boundaries especially when it comes to finances will foster a sense of gratitude and less entitlement when you do say yes. It won't take long before they learn that they aren't going to get everything just because they want it immediately. This means that they will stop expecting to be given things, and instead will be more appreciative and grateful when they do receive gifts, whether out of the blue or for special occasions. They will become kids that you can be proud of and will always remember to say thank you, and they will mean it. Politeness like this will get them far in life.

They are more successful in life

One of the most important indicators of success is the ability to exercise delayed gratification. According to researchers at Stanford and other Ivy League universities have conducted studies that show, children who understood the value of delayed gratification did well academically, health wise and were successful in their careers. In conclusion as adults we practice delayed gratification in our daily lives in many areas of our lives, such as a savings goal, a diet or career aspirations.

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There you have it, 4 reasons why delayed gratification is good for your little one, no matter how big it feels like they’re getting!

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