• How to Create Generational Wealth….And KEEP It!!

    How to Create Generational Wealth 1. Create it! Buy a home and or invest in rental property. Start a business that you can be proud of to pass down in your family, major corporations such as Ford or Disney had humble beginnings. Homeownership, has declined in the black community and one the top ... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Teach Kids about Money

    5 Ways to Teach kids about Money By P.E. Barnes1. Let the kid(s) help you with your grocery budget. Budgeting is such an important part of managing and growing money. Turning a everyday tasks into a teachable lesson helps kids grasps the lesson. Take your family to the grocery store share the lis... View Post
  • Halloween Money Saving Tips

    Halloween Money Saving TipsPongee Barnes1. Buy Halloween costumes early, most stores have sales on costumes between 25%-40% in the first half of October. The closer to Halloween sales become less frequent and typically you have less to choose from. 2. Buy candy in bulk, from a warehouse such as S... View Post