Halloween Money Saving Tips

Halloween Money Saving Tips
Pongee Barnes

1. Buy Halloween costumes early, most stores have sales on costumes between 25%-40% in the first half of October. The closer to Halloween sales become less frequent and typically you have less to choose from.

2. Buy candy in bulk, from a warehouse such as Sam’s Club or Costco. The costs of candy seems to rise during this time but with inflation it has become quite pricey.

3. Shop at the Dollar Tree for arts and crafts, decorations, and even candy. This is a great resource for parents of younger kids that have classroom parties.

4. Buy your pumpkin closer to the holiday. Typically pumpkins are significantly discounted, and this can also be a great time to start a family tradition of carving pumpkins on Halloween!

5. Shop for Halloween 2023 in November 2022. Most retailers offer discounts from 50-80% off their Halloween décor, costumes, and candy. Retailers need shelf space for Thanksgiving and Christmas decor. This is a savvy way to save money.

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