• Little Owners Presents…..Teen Wealth Academy

Little Owners Presents…..Teen Wealth Academy



Give your TEEN a Headstart to a bright financial future!

5 LIVE Courses 5 Experts

Limited Seats!

Family Plan 

Each Registration is a family plan
. Classes start April 2, 2022. Each Saturday in April @ 11am/central.

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Replay access for 12 months 

Real Estate 101- the fundamentals about how to invest in real estate and build portfolio.

Entrepreneur 101- learn the knowledge and steps to start a successful business.

How to Game the College System?- Strategies to help your teen navigate the college system without incurring crippling student loan debt.

Money Management 101- learn how to create a budget, manage money, and grow your money.

Stock Market 101- the fundamentals of the stock market, and investing strategies to grow your money wisely. Best brokerages and apps to use.