• Z-Little Owners MBA Summer Camp

Z-Little Owners MBA Summer Camp


Live Courses begin Saturday July 3rd at 12pm/central. 
-4 Week Course

-Saturday 12 pm/Central classes



-Replay Available 

- Certificate upon completion 

Money 101

Week 1 teaches your kids what they need to know to manage and expand their capital. Leaving them with the knowledge of how money works and how to properly use it to their benefit. 

How to invest in the stock market

Week 2 teaches your little one how to increase their capital in the stock market. Allowing you to watch as your Little Owner learns how to pick the perfect stock and manage risks. 

Running a Business and Having the Proper Mindset

Week 3-4 gives your kid the mindset and know-how needed to build their first business at any age. Like most of our students they'll leave with a whole new perspective on life.