• Z-Little Owners MBA Program

Z-Little Owners MBA Program



4 Courses to give your little owner a strong financial foundation!

How to Invest in the stock market? 📈📉(Analyze stock, best stocks to purchase stock, diversification, dividend stocks, bull vs. bear Market.)

How to start a business? 💼 (Business structure, profits vs. sales, sources of capital, and marketing.)

Mindset 🧠 ( Resilience, Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Attributes of a successful entrepreneur.)

Money 101 💰 ( budgeting, credit score, saving vs. investing.)

Quizzes and Worksheets after each session ( Business plan, pitch, budgeting worksheet.)

Kids can take the course at their own pace, and repeat it as many times as they want!

Make the INVESTMENT today!

This class will  give your child a strong financial foundation that rivals adults money management skills, ultimately ensuring that your child will become a successful self-sufficient adult.