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8 Books Little Owners Full Collection

8 Books Little Owners Full Collection

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Order includes 8 books! Ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

Ben the Banker- Join Ben on his journey to becoming the owner of a community bank “Freedman’s Bank.”

Franklin the Franchise Owner-Join Franklin on his journey to becoming a McDonalds Franchise owner.

Robert the Real Estate Investor-Join Robert on his journey to becoming a successful real estate mogul.

Ben the Gamer- Join Ben on his journey to owning a billion dollar gaming company.

Carter the Car Dealership Owner- Join Carter on his journey to becoming a successful car dealership owner.

Riley the Real Estate Investor- Join Riley on her journey to becoming the most successful female real estate mogul. 

Sierra the Salon Owner- Join Sierra on her journey of becoming the owner of spa salons in Chicago.

Valerie the Vendor- Join Valerie on her journey to owning a vending machine business.

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Meet the Author P.E. Barns

I am Pongee Barnes, a real estate investor in Chicago. I launched this book series after speaking at a local Chicago urban elementary school for entrepreneurship.

The exuberance and curiosity of the children inspired me to write books to educate children about entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

My two sons Benjamin 9, and Franklin 7, they have co-written 3 books from our series. Our book series, Little Owners, is committed to educating the next generation of entrepreneurs.