Are you looking for a way to inspire young people within your school to read more?

Benefits of our books

  • Educational
  • Positive representation
  • Glossary
  • Financial vocabulary words
  • Inspire entrepreneurship
  • Instill Delayed Gratification

I'm Pongee Barnes, founder of Little Owners. I'm here to help you with quality reading material that lays a solid foundation for life skills and community development through entrepreneurship. My mission is to make your process of finding good reading materials for your students easy. We focus on inclusion, financial literacy, community development and business acumen at an early age.

We know the challenge of finding unique books for kids to read that will help they expand their mind to think of the future with bigger aspirations. We believe in the power of showing our youth examples of ownership, business and problem solving. Pricing:

Each book is $9 with a minimum of 50 purchase Bundles are $54.99 with a minimum of 20 purchase.


Our Books Have Been Featured:

As a Top Seller featured on Amazon and books purchased and used for award winning programs and partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club, Jack & Jill Daycares, and country-wide school districts. We have been able to add amazing value to reading initiatives across the country.

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