Why Your Kid Should Be in the School Spelling Bee?

Zaila Avant-garde, winner of the the Scripps National Spelling Bee is an inspiration to the WORLD!! As the first African- American to win the competition in 93 editions. We can all learn from her VICTORY!!!

As a parent, you want your child to get the best start in life. Whether they’re dreaming of becoming an astronaut or a best-selling author, you want to give them the skills they need to be successful in life. It’s all about going outside the regular curriculum and helping your child broaden their horizons. This is where the traditional school spelling bee comes in. In an age of auto-correct, it’s never been more important to instill literacy skills in your child.

We’re rounding the top reasons why your kid should be in the school spelling bee. It’s all about setting them up to make the most of their future and broaden their horizons.

Cognitive Skills and Literacy
If you’re looking to get your child to put down their iPad and engage with reading, a school spelling bee is a perfect opportunity. There’s a common misconception that spelling bees are all about memorization. Instead, it’s about growing a child’s vocabulary, boosting their comprehension skills and literacy levels.

Kids who take part in their school spelling bee develop the cognitive skills they need to tackle stressful situations and deal with difficult situations that require independent thinking.

Most school spelling bees have an age limit of 14 years of age. The National Spelling Bee has seen contestants as young as 5-years old. The literacy skills that your kid learns while studying for and competing in their spelling bee will help them throughout their time in education. Expanding their vocabulary means that your kid develops the reading and writing skills they need to succeed academically.

Confidence and Interpersonal Skills
It’s not just on the sporting field that you can teach your child life lesson like determination and independent responsibility. While spelling bees are an opportunity to further your child’s literacy skills, it’s ultimately a competition. After their first spelling bee, you’ll notice their confidence soar as they get more familiar with public speaking and engaging with others.

While your kid is taking part in the spelling bee, they’re engaging with everyone from fellow contestants to judges and people in the audience. This experience can help them grow the interpersonal skills that they need to establish relationships with others. Taking part in a competition like a school spelling bee helps your kid learn how to deal with pressure and think on the spot.

Lifelong Learning
Engaging your kid with a school spelling bee can give them an exciting way to learn something new – with a little healthy competition. Studying for a school spelling bee can teach your child discipline when it comes to their lessons, something they can carry through with them right up to adulthood. You can set your child up to smash their SATs and unlock new pathways by showing them that studying can be fun.

Signing your kid up to the School Spelling Bee isn’t the only way you can broaden their horizons. Financial literacy and learning about entrepreneurship are just as powerful as instilling literacy skills. At Little Owners, our children’s books teach the leaders of the future about financial literacy and entrepreneurship to give them the tools for success.

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